Rolling Rock Town Fair 5

Last Friday (July 30, 2004) myself and AB headed up to Pittsburgh for the Rolling Rock Town Fair, an all-day, outdoor concert in Latrobe, PA. AB has a friend with an apartment in Pittsburgh: RB, so we stayed at his place. After we got settled in we went out to a bar, shot some pool, and met the members of Del Cielo, a band out of Washington, D.C.

We staggered back to the apartment, but not before finding a sidewalk lined with boxes of goodies that someone was throwing out. We found some really, really old vinyl records (Xerxes says "Hi") and I might have stolen a tire from a garage, though you'll never prove it.

We were up at the crack of noon on Saturday, and after taking in Rocky 3 (quality American cinema) we drove to Latrobe. It had rained in the morning, turning the fairgrounds into a muddy mess. The area in front of the stage was full of mud-soaked fans. People were slinging mud, crowd surfing, and moshing.

My favorite band of the day was Disturbed, then Staind. Hoobastank blew like I knew they would. I had never heard of N.E.R.D. but they were decent. The Crystal Method, well...techno isn't the same outside in broad daylight. Velvet Revolver wasn't that impressive, but I haven't listened to any of their CDs, just what's on the radio. All in all the Town Fair was a lot of fun. I'll be posting images of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway later today, come back and check them out too. Xerxes

This article was updated on August 9, 2004