They Might Be Giants & String Cheese

The Philadelphia show was at the Theatre of the Living Arts on South Street (I was with AB, and KW).

The opener was Corn Mo, who we skipped, and only saw him play two songs. The show was great, and all the songs went off perfectly, as far as I can tell. TMBG played a new children's song, "Alphabet of Nations" which was really good. Songs from "The Spine" are better live, but that's true for msot bands and albums. The live Thunderbird was everything I'd hoped for...this is one of my favorite TMBG song

The second show was at Irving Plaza on 15th and Irving Plaza in New York City. This time it was just KW and me. I drove to Doylestown and we took KW's car into NYC (she drove). We parked on 7th Avenue and 16th Street, and proceeded across Union Square. We passed this crazy street guy muttering "string cheese string cheese string cheese string chees

We made sure we could find the venue, and then decided to go to Central Park via subway. Bad idea. We hopped on easily enough, but onto the wrong subway train. We went maybe half an hour in the wrong direction before we realized our mistake. Finally got to Central Park, where KW insisted on climbing on some rocks. Having accomplished this grand goal we exited the park and got some crappy hot dogs from the local greasy vendor. We walked around Times Square some more, went into the Virgin Megastore, got some Jamba Juice (sort of okay), and bought Scott a shot glass.

The show was fast approaching, so we we jumped on the subway (successfully this time). The line was around the block. The will-call ticket purchasers (us) were the last ones in. Irving Plaza is a really nice venue. They showed the movie "Spaceballs" while we were waiting for the opener and for TMBG. The opener was some Travis Transcendental Moron Keyboard Extravaganzafest...I was not impressed. But soon all was made well with the final appearance of TMBG for the year. They rocked hard. I was suprised they didn't play "New York City." Flans & Linnell both flubbed a few songs, but on the whole it was a good show. Can't wait for the show in March :)

This article was updated on October 4, 2004