The Pixies at Tweeter Center

AB, JCT, SB and I went to the Pixies show in Camden NJ on Sunday December 5th. There were two openers, one who I don't know the name of, and Datsun. They were ok, more classic rock style I suppose. After enjoying my $7 beer, the Pixies came on.

The atmosphere was odd. Security wouldn't let anyone stand in the aisles, or really become a proper crowd. Despite this, the show was awesome. They played about every song from Disk 1 of "Death to the Pixies" (the singles collection). Kim Deal's backup vocals (and solo on Gigantic) were great, the songs wouldn't be the same without her unique voice. Frank Black was good - his screams were what I was hoping for, especially during Debaser.

My recording of Velouria turned out better than I expected, but it's too large to put online. Contact me if you want a copy. After the show we met SB's friends at Little Pete's diner in Philly. Good times all around.

This article was updated on December 6, 2004