Medieval Times

AB and I and the Drexel crew went to Medieval Times, a re-enactment of a dark ages jousting tournament.

AB & I stopped in Philly before heading to Lyndhurst, NJ, where the Medieval Times castle arena is located. We visited the Free Library, and the Elephant and Castle pub. But enough of that. Medieval Times is a really cool experience. After we got our tickets there was a bar for drinks before the show. The show started off with announcements and then we were ushered to our tables. No forks, knives, or spoons - the entire meal was eaten as-is. Soak or sip or soup, tear into your half a chicken, etc. The food was good, although the consesus is that the spare rib could have been better. The action started with the King declaring a tournament to determine who will be his champion. We were seated in the blue section, and so were to root for the Blue Knight. After some preliminary contests such as spearing a target, and jousting for rings, the main event began. Our Blue Knight was defeated early on, so we cheered on the Green Knight instead. Greenie won the tournament, but was betrayed and killed. Yellow ended up killing the traitor and winning the game.

This article was updated on January 14, 2005