Henry Ford: Brown Rice and Love

I once again find myself in the wintry wasteland of Michigan. It is a landscape bereft of hope, save for the shining edumacational beaconitude of the Henry Ford museum. This time, DW and I spent some time looking at cars, industry, and the 20th century.

We started off in the Industry exhibit, which still fascinates me. There is a large gas/steam powered engine that I missed last time. Ford used 12 of them in this factories, aligned in a grid. This engine was brought to its current location, and the rest of the museum was built around it.

After DW took in the Industry exhibit we entered "The Home of Tomorrow" - the Dymaxion, a round house. It sounds neat on paper, but not at all pleasant in reality.

DW was rarin' to have a go at the automobiles, so that's where we went. DW saw the first car and started a non-stop droolfest. I followed after him with a towel, and cleaned plenty of spittle off of cars such as the Ford GT and Firebird II.

I wandered into the 20th Century exhibit, which was very interesting. Especiallythis hippy diary entry. You sit and listen to Welles' broadcast of "War of the Worlds" or reminisce about how great 1980s technology was. The day was ruined when I came upon aNintendo Gameboybehind glass. I mean, wow, I'm old enough that my toys are in a museum! And not even a toy...my original Gameboy still works!

This article was updated on January 26, 2005