Toledo and other OH-10 sites

Ohio is one of the most depressing states in the Union. Cold, bereft of joy, it plays the role of West New Jersey well. But all was not lost. I managed to half-way enjoy myself every once in awhile. While in Toledo I took a walk along the waterfront, and saw the Water Street Station, which was an old power plant. There was some boring modern art called the Propylaea, but if that's all the culture you have you might as well run with it. The baseball stadium (home of the Mud Hens) was interesting. There was a bar that look out at the stadium (good wings).

Somehow we ended up in Detroit, MI again, which was cool. We went on the Rouge Factory tour. Be warned: it is not a good thing to do on the weekend. Everyone in the plant is at home, so all you get to see are the empty bays - absolutely no action. While in some god-forsaken town in Ohio, RDO & I saw some sculptures across from the site, which just begged to be defiled. There was also an old church with neat stained glass. I (sort of) wish I could remember the name of the town, but the last couple weeks are a blur.

This article was updated on March 5, 2005