Sequoia - Day 4

Our fourth day took us to Hospital Rock to see Indian pictographs, Crescent Meadow on a frog hunt, and the High Sierra Trail for some breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada range. A moderately early start put us at Hospital Rock, one of the first attractions along the General Highways' entrance. The trail allows you to access to the Kaweah riverbed. The swollen river rushed by us, while lizards sunned themselves on the rocks.

BW wanted to see more wildflowers, so we headed to Crescent Meadow. The meadow was mostly soggy bogland because of the snowmelt, so no wildflowers. However the meadow was alive with the sound of frogs. We headed out into the bog by way of a handy downed tree. The pools in the meadow were full of insect life such as water striders, boatmen, and caddis flies.

A nearby trail map indicated that the High Sierra trail, whose 20-mile length ends at Precipice Lake. We hiked about a mile and a half of it. Towards the end we heard the call of what we think is a Great Gray owl. The views were spectacular, and well worth it. Hopefully I'll get back there soon and hike the whole trail.