2005 Atlanta

CW and I trekked on down to Atlanta, the "Island in a Sea of Rednecks."

With the exception of Raleigh, the South sucks. Horribly. Now that might be harsh, but sometimes you just have to accept facts and move on. In an attempt to get away from the backwoods atmosphere of Georgia, CW and I drove down to Atlanta.

We walked through the Underground, a large mall that has had roads and buildings constructed over top of it. There's an alley full of bars - we ate at one calle Irish Bred.

After the Underground we checked out the Coca Cola museum, which was neat, but expensive (loyal Coke drinkers like me should get in free dammit). There were crazy flavours of Coke products from all over the world - Lychee Mellow (good) and Bitter Apertif (downright evil) to name a few.

We returned to the Underground and took it in at a more leisurely pace than before. CW attempted to shoot hoops (win an PS2) and climb a wall (win $$) but failed miserably at both. As Homer once said, it's better to never try at all than try and fail.

This article was updated on July 22, 2005