Camping Cookout at the Brooks' house

I arrived around 6:30pm - The smell of blueberry pie and beef (mmmm) was in the air, and Ann was furiously scrubbing at the berry-stained kitchen table. Cody was preparing the five pounds of meat, instructing Lindsay and Theresa to chop up the spices.

The burger's were great. They had onion, chipotle sauce, grated cheese, and I think parsley and oregano. Dessert was also excellent - the girls' blueberry pie and brownie cupcakes rocked, even though I didn't get a prize. Somehow I will carry on.

While dessert was going on, Cody and Kurt rocked out. After tuning up, Tom joined in on Kurt's guitar.

Seeing as it was only in the mid-80s, it was decided that a fire would be a great idea. Soon a fire was roaring, though no one wanted to get close enough to make some s'mores.

Being fairly tired after driving around all day, I left soon thereafter. It was a blast, and I'm glad I was able to go. Time to pack - my next update will be from Hawai'i!

This article was updated on August 25, 2005