Glassware and Gaffers

TC and I were in Corning, NY, home of Corning. Corning is famous for their glassware products, along with technical innovations such as low-loss fiber optic cable. They have a really excellent museum, which was a neat place to visit.

I'm a bit under-the-weather, forgive me if the write-up is not that interesting.

The Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG) is on the northside of the Chemung River (across the river is Corning Corporate headquarters). There are many exhibits, such as the history of glass (which takes about an hour to do right), innovations in glass (especially optics), and they also have a glass-blowing presentation, and an area where you can make your own glass.

There is also a gallery of glass sculpture, which had some unusual abstract pieces. The various displays of Corning glass (like a hollow tower made out of Pyrex cooking ware), or the glass-bulb period table of elements were interesting. The gift shop was extensive, though there weren't too many t-shirt options. I did pick up a shot glass for SW and a Christmas present for someone else.

This article was updated on November 10, 2005