Hermosa and Topanga Canyon, CA

The siren call of batteries tempted us back to sunny California. We stayed in the Quality Inn on Aviation Boulevard, just five blocks from the beach. We took some time to explore the Santa Monica Mountains, particularly Topanga Canyon. Topanga. Ahaha. Anyways, "read more" for pictures.

****RDO, JC and I took drove up to the Santa Monica Mountains, north of Los Angeles. The mountains rise up from the coast, and curve southwards toward Los Angeles. Towns no more than than 3 blocks wide form a chain of civilization up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, while winding roads flow up into the mountains.

Once we entered Topanga Canyon, the beach disappeared, and we were surrounded by a suprising green landscape. We stopped a couple times along the road for pictures, until we came to an abandoned-looking microwave tower. The gate would only deter vehicles, so we walked around it and up to the mountain's summit, and got a closer at the tower.

The country around LA is beautiful, and reminds of why I like California so much. From LA, San Francisco, to the Santa Monica Mountains and Yosemite, the state has so much to offer. Hopefully I'll get to see some of southern California later this year.

This article was updated on May 26, 2006