Fun-filled Festivies For the Fourth of...Fuly

I will master alliteration someday. For now though, I will be content to master the posting of images to the Internet. I have a selection of pictures taken during the 4th of July weekend at the Rock Ledge cabin. For those of you new to my site, click the "read more" link below to view the pictures. The pictures are not necessarily in chronological order, but don't worry: time is an illusion anyway.

The cabin is situated along Body of Water Creek, which flows down from the beautiful Big Lump Mountains, in the Ass End of Nowhere region of Pennsylvania. Scott, Mom and I arrived in the afternoon - most everyone else was already there (26 people total once we arrived). I hadn't been to the cabin in at least 10 years. My memory was hazy, but I knew enough to remember that the indoor toilet was a new luxury.

I broke out my camera right away and walked down to the creek. Scott came along and got his rock-skipping skills back into shape while I snapped away. The others soon arrived back from tubing, and we all lounged around the cabin before a bit. When I say "others" I'm talking about everyone who has no real memory of any president before Reagan. And when I say "lounged around" I mean partook liberally from any of the five coolers filled with ice cold beer.

A hummingbird feeder near the porch tempted the flighty pests, but they seemed camera shy. Every so often a hummingbird would flit out of its tree and tease the carefully set-up camera, darting away before I could take a picture. After dinner we sat around and played a massive game of Apples to Apples. It rained a bit that night, though I slept through it quite soundly, tucked away in my cozy sleeping bag.

This article was updated on July 5, 2006