Driving through Utah, Hiking in Colorado

After I was finished working in Bakersfield, I had to drive our big beastie van 1000+ miles to Denver, Colorado. I traveled through some amazing scenery, especially in Utah. But overloaded, aging Dodge vans aren't really made for driving up and down mountains. I eventually arrived in Denver, where I met up with Kristen. She suggested hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, so we did a 6 mile hike, and drove around the Ridge Road.

The Rockies are awe-inspiring, something that simply can't be matched in the East. At the top of one rise, we saw a herd of Elk chewing at the dying autumn grass. Once it started snowing, we figured it was time to head back down and out of the park, and get a nice steak at Nicky's Steak House.

This article was updated on October 17, 2006