Mad Agnes: Live at Godfrey Daniels

This past Saturday, Jen, Tom, my Mom, and I drove to Bethlehem, PA to watch the peculiar folk trio Mad Agnes.

Mad Agnes comprises Mark Saunders, Margo Hennebach, and Adrienne Jones. The venue, Godfrey Daniels, is a small coffee shop/music club, with a special focus on folk music.

Mad Agnes was terrific, and seeing them live made me appreciate their music a lot more. They have good stage presence, continually quipping and making fun of themselves. And perfectionists too: when they flub a chord they start the song over (thankfully this only happened once that I could tell).

We got to chat with the band a little during the intermission, and bought some CDs. Jen also picked up the DVD, which is good but has all the stage banter edited out, so you don't get the same feel for the band that you do at an actual live show. All in all it was worth the trip (coffee and cookies were excellent!). Now check out the pictures, I know that's what you're here for!

This article was updated on May 6, 2008