TPI 4th of July 2nd

On July 2nd the company had a little pre-4th of July picnic.

Jeff grilled up some turkey burgers, sausage patties, hamburgers, and hot dogs and everyone chowed down.  After lunch we went geocaching to replace a stolen geocache.  A day earlier the police informed us that they had found a crop of weed growing in the woods behind our office.  After they left Tom and John went out back to see if they could find the remains (the policemen cut all the plants down).  They found the former field, and John stumbled upon a geocache, which he took (thereby breaking one of the main rules of geocaching - do not take the caches).

So after our picnic we (me, Chris, Juicebox, Jeff, and John) hiked into the woods to return the cache to its preferred resting spot.  I notified the cache's maintainer, and he said everything is good.

I've included a few pictures from the picnic and walk, enjoy!

This article was updated on July 2, 2009