Spanish Missions and Naughty Beaches, oh my!

The week before Thanksgiving we were in Pembroke Pines, FL for work. Pembroke Pines is located near the Fort Lauderdale-Miami area, so on Tuesday we went downtown for some sight-seeing, sushi, and swimming.

The first stop was the Spanish Monastery.  Originally built in Segovia, Spain, William Randolph Hearst paid for the building to be shipped to America in 1925.  It includes a chapel, a courtyard, sleeping chambers, and a beautiful garden.  After the monastery we went downtown into North Miami and found a great little sushi restaurant.

Driving down the main thoroughfare we looked for public beaches.  We parked at a nice big public lot, and strolled across the street to find our beach.  I had no swim trunks so I didn't get in, but JP and CW enjoyed the water while I went a-shelling.  After the beach we walked the cement "boardwalk," past trees and shrubbery.  Happening upon a warning sign declaring the far side of the trees to be a "nude beach" it was all JP could do to contain himself from frollicking away to a land where everything swings free.  Eventualily the temptation grew too great, and he bounded away to ogle the occupants of that strange land.  If you don't believe me, don't worry, for I have photographic proof which I present amidst the other pictures of our day.

Florida is an enjoyable state if you can get away from the Orlando-Disney World area, especially as winter sets in at home.

This article was updated on November 28, 2009