A Saturday in June

Yesterday, Jen and I got our day started off right with a hike.

We went across the river to Susquehannock State Park in Lancaster county. The forest and river were beautiful, and the Rhododendron Trail full of ups (boo) and downs (yay). Jen wanted some more basil plants, and called our friend Nancy for some. Nancy runs Brogue Hydropnic with her husband Bob, and always has fresh vegetables and herbs ready for the picking.  Nancy invited us to eat lunch her and the rest of their crew, so we headed to her house and had burgers.  After lunch, their dogs started sniffing about the garden, and found a large black snake that had just shed.  Its skin was amazingly whole, so I took a few photos after Nancy posed it.

We stopped at Raab's Fruit Farm on the way home, and bought a box of fresh sour cherries, which I'm turning into a pie today.

Later, we went to York to (a) buy a new iPhone, and (b) get some pastries at the Festive Board in the Queensgate center.  Well the AT&T store was out of the new iPhones - no shock there.  But when we walked into Festive Board, we were surprised to see our upstairs neighbor working there.  We'd just found out she was a chef when she brought us some Spanish rice soup; we walked out of the Board with more desserts than we'd originally intended, but hey, whatever.  Jen got a cashew bar, but forgot to grab it off the counter.  This turned out for the best, because Kiersten dropped off the wayward bar when she got home from work, along with some extras from the end of the day! Delicious.

Jen cooked up some cornmeal-encrusted tofu for dinner, and baked some beets into a mash, similar to mash potatoes.  Topping it off with sauteed beet greens was a tasty idea, and it all went well with the rice soup.  All in all, a nice summer day.

This article was updated on June 27, 2010