On October 4th, EB and I flew to Salt Lake City, UT. We took pictures!

The first day we drove up to Big Cottonwood Canyon, a winding road through the Wasatch National Forest.  It rained on us though, so we went back to town.  On Tuesday we drove back with clear skies above us.  We spent a couple hours outside, climbing around, and taking an inordinate number of running water photos.  We ate at Silver Fork Lodge and enjoyed the mountain view from their dining room.

Our third and final day, we rode to the Great Salt Lake State Park, over a beautiful, yet somewhat stinky causeway.  Being easily amused, we were distracted by a pile of rocks, so we spent some time clambering over them.  I'd like to return to Salt Lake City soon and just spend a week outside exploring.  Here's hoping!

This article was updated on October 10, 2010