New theme!

As you can see, I've got a new theme! "Not another one," I hear you say? Allow me to explain why it's great...

- It's Browner!The new theme includes my website color, red, but only sparingly.  The color scheme was found on Adobe's Kuler site, and is called "Glazed Cabinets."

  1. Better Navigation!I moved the main navigation links to make them easier to find (see the dark brown bar above you).  And use the Search box up top if you need to find anything.  Look to your left to find a list of terms that will link you to related articles.
  2. Better Travel Map!The travel map will show you a thumbnail whenever you click on a location.
  3. Different Layouts!There are finally different layouts - one for regular posts (travelogs, writings, etc), one for the photo gallery, and a third for more boring pages (like the Contact page).  The new layouts improved video support, so I hope to be posting more videos in the future.
  4. New Typography!I used Yahoo's font information as a guide to sizing and spacing. Blocks of text are not allowed to flow off to the right forever; this should make paragraphs easier to read.
  5. Nicer Administration:I learned how to modify the forms that let me post content (like what you're reading now).  This makes the workflow of posting to the site a lot easier.
  6. Bug Fixes:the photo gallery's "previous/next" links never worked correctly, but they should be fine now.  Lots of little things have been updated, and I think I fixed something on every single page.

Now all that's well and good - hurray for me! and all that nonsense.  However, there's another reason I refreshed my site.  I'm working on another project (at home), and making this new theme has taught me a lot that I'll be needing for this next project.  I'm excited about it, and will post something when there's more to tell.Oh, and a little note: as usual, I haven't tested this in Internet Explorer. It probably looks fine in IE8, but I make no promises.

This article was updated on November 8, 2010