Chris falls down a mountain

We had a free day in Washington, so CW and I drove east toward Lake Wenatchee State Park. We hiked up a mountain, and mostly hiked back down again. Pictures were taken and posted here for your amusement.

Leaving early from our Seattle hotel, we arrived at the lake around 1PM.  We saw two beavers swimming in the lake, and hiked around the perimeter a little ways.  As we traveled further into the park, he mountains surrounded us, calling to us with soft voices, "come...hike...".  At least, that's what they said to me.  The mountains' message to CW was, "come...fall down...hurt'll be funny...".  And it was.

After CW recovered the car keys and his camera, we, we hiked back down the mountain.  It was a hard hike, but only 1.5 to 2 miles long.  The difficulty came more from lacking stamina than it did from true arduousness.  The long day over, we feasted at Visconti's Italian restaurant in Leavenworth, before retiring to the excellent Red Lion Hotel in Wenatchee.

This article was updated on November 9, 2010