Tapferkeit: The New Minecraft World

Updated with Chest Protection Info

Rules and Notes:

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Try your best to use speak goodly.
  3. No griefing.
  4. Problem players will be perma-banned.
  5. No skybridges. Try nether portals, subways, or wait until plugins work for teleportation.

Protecting Your Chests:

* /cprivate - make a chest private for you.

  • /cpublic - make a chest unprotectable - all people can use it.
  • /cremove - remove a protection
  • /lwc - learn more about the LightWeight Chest protection mod.

In this world:

  • Walled city for you to build in.  Well-lit to minimize mob spawning.
  • Brought murder factory and cactus factory over from other worlds.
  • Several hand-crafted areas for you to find.  These include some mountain ranges, the creeper sphinx, a large volcano, and the Pit.
  • A truly massive desert with its own volcanos and dungeons.
  • Five ////dungeons scattered around the world.

Commands you can use:

  • See above for the chest protection commands.
  • /home takes you to the last bed you clicked on.

Tools I used:

This article was updated on June 10, 2011