Support your favorite software

I have a full-time job, so this week I decided to spend a little of it on supporting the people who develop the programs I use regularly. Here's a list of the developers I donated to:

* David V. Kocher, author of CyberDuck.  Cyberduck is a cross-platform FTP/SFTP (and more!) client.

  • David Vierra, author the Minecraft world editor MCEdit.
  • The QuickSilver team.  These guys maintain the QuickSilver application launcher for Mac OS X.
  • VideoLAN team.  Makers of VLC, the best all-in-one media player.

Single donations aren't going to keep these people in mansions, but I hope having a bit of extra beer (or vodka or scotch) money helps them out.

This article was updated on November 12, 2011