Shalom Christian Missions Redesign

I am an active participant in the Christian orphanage/school charity, Shalom Christian Missions. SCM runs a children's home and school in Nyasoti, Kenya. Their website was designed around 2007-2008, and its age was very much starting to show.

I'm pleased to have recently finished a brand-new website design for them.  This new design is not just a fresh coat of paint, but a rewrite from the ground, up.  Some things that are nicer in the new site:

  • Streamlined back-end for the people managing the site.
  • Uses a grid system for nicer layouts.
  • More in-depth info available about mission trips.
  • Easier to add new sections of content.
  • Doesn't use PHP or Drupal.

Oh, and it did get a fresh coat of paint.  Here's the old version (click to enlarge):Old Site|451x460I think you'll agree, that is pretty rough-looking.  Here's the new version:New Site|368x460Much cleaner, and looks good on a tablet too.Please visit the site, and consider getting involved with the great work SCM does for unprivileged children of Kenya.  Also, many thanks go to the people who spent time writing free, open source software so that I could stitch it together into a site that can help these children.

This article was updated on January 29, 2014