Summer 2019 Picture Dump

I have accumulated photographs of various things this summer.  Perhaps you'd enjoy looking at them?

We managed to cram a lot into this summer.  We got a new gravel driveway, which rocks.  The old driveway was basically just 3 pieces of gravel and rutted dirt tracks.

Jen and I packed up the kids and trekked to Missouri to see the midwest side of the family.  We were at a different cookout almost every day we were there, and had a great time watching a homemade fireworks show the Fourth.

We went to the beach with the best beach crew possible - so many people that we had to have two houses.  One house had a swimming pool, which we got a lot use out of.  When I was a kid I thought it'd be crazy to rent a beach house with a pool - I mean, the ocean's right there, right?  But it was so relaxing.  In the morning, go to the beach, then eat lunch, then hop in the pool.  Just about perfect.

I was working in Rochester in August, and had the chance to stay at a coworker's family farm and take a tour of part of the old Eerie Canal.

All in all, a good summer.

This article was updated on September 19, 2019