Pollyanna Christmas 2019

Christmas lists! I love lists!


  • A painting by Scott Woltman: Of his choice, but if he really loves me it would be an awesome night sky, bright star and the illusion of either Bethlehem, the manger, both, or a painting of a winter landscape with evergreen trees against the sky. ( I should get this so I have time to enjoy it. I am older than everyone else and have less time to look at it.) :-)
  • A Woltman.com email account
  • Gift certificate for Camera Center of York. I have a bunch of old stuff I'd like to print, or process.
  • This little mouse:https://www.etsy.com/listing/696844933/bronze-miniature-sleeping-mouse-animal?ref=shop_home_active_1&pro=1 * Flash drives * Gift certificates to Hobby Lobby or York Ice Arena or REI * Oil based marker pens. I only have black and green. * Bottle of B&B * Eric Metaxas Show mug * A pretty,  small gold cross necklace * Same as above only silver * These amber earrings * Another fountain pen and purple (NOT pinky purple) or a cool blue ink. * If you want to get a different brand, just please make sure it is refillable, and a 1.1 stub nib. * A pony. 😁 Or, a fish. Betta. They always commit suicide when I have one and I am over the grief and sorrow of the last betta splendens family death.


* Her Amazon list.



John Henry

* His Amazon list.



  • Amazon Gift card for music or ebooks
    * Gift card for Baskin and Robbins ice cream
    * Gift card for Olive Garden or Cheddar's restaurants