Pollyanna Christmas Lists 2020

The lists have been updated - items that are struck out are gifts that have been... gifted.


Dylan's list is available at Amazon


Kristen's list is available at Amazon


  1. A hardback copy of The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. Most likely it will be a used copy. Easton Press made a nice leather bound one and this one seems good too: One option or another one. Just no paperback, or hard cover in shabby condition.
  2. The Sacred Texts of the Babylon Bee The greatest gift apart from eternal life. (Their words, not mine)
  3. This speaker or something very like it. Ask Scott about what he has. I like his too. But, I seriously like the light feature.
  4. DVD, (not blu ray) of Disney's Three Musketeers movie.
  5. Set of 6 Createx Airbrush colors
  6. 16" chain Celtic Claddagh Cross Necklace
  7. Cross Earrings
  8. Merlins Laboratory Jigsaw Puzzle
  9. Sourdough Starter Genuine San Francisco Culture
  10. Shogun DVD Set
  11. Fury: King of the Wild Stallions DVD
  12. Season 1 of the Equalizer
  13. iPhone tripod
  14. The Lion in Winter (1968 version with Peter O'Toole)
  15. Another beta fish. I have gotten over the sudden death (suicide) of my last beta. Took years. LOL. Then there was the untimely end of the one before that. Try to find one that has poor leaping skills but still some personality. :-) Oh, and fish food for same. And maybe a wee little tank, although I think I have one lurking around.

Having listed all the above, please go off list if you'd rather. There is nothing on this list I've my heart set on and it's much more fun when I don't have a clue. (Of course, I guess that's ME all the time) And, I like pretty much anything except dolls and creepy scary things. And brussels sprouts and green peppers.

Oh, add an old fashioned bow and arrow. (seriously)

And, a pony. (not seriously, won't fit in my room)

Aunt Mary



  • She wears size 4t in tops and bottoms, and size 10 in shoes.
  • Cute hat/mittens/scarf (unicorns, sparkles, etc). Note: her head is almost as big around as Jen's, so perhaps a tween size hat would be good for her, not a small child size.
  • Loves pink and purple, and mermaids.
  • She likes eating at McDonald's and Wendy’s, and says her favorite ice cream place is Foxy Loxy in Unionville (though Bell’s Delites or Dairy Queen would also be great).
  • Loves books
  • Water bottle such as this one (must be easy clean and spill proof)



I might add stuff to this list, so please check back often and buy everything.

John Henry

  • Wears size 10 SLIM pants with adjustable waist, size 8 shirts, size 3Y shoes.
  • He’s into weapons and battles, playing Legend of Zelda and some Minecraft (says he’s more into Zelda now), watching Stampy Longhead’s YouTube videos about Legend of Zelda and Minecraft, and likes the Mandalorian and Star Wars.
  • Jango Fett blaster
  • Lego sets - He would like this one and this one. He has quite a collection of Minecraft lego sets; if you want to go off list check with John/Jen to be sure he doesn't already have the set you want to gift him.
  • Likes breakfast sandwiches from Wawa and McDonalds.
  • Stampy Longhead Activity book 1
  • Stampy Longhead Activity book 2

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