Creating the 2020 Family Christmas Card

Our family Christmas Cards are usually simple, straight forward affairs. But for 2020, we decided to go with something a little (a lot) more involved. Taking inspiration from this family's blog, we decided to break out the Photoshop and come up with a really fun Christmas card.

The Setup

Jen had recently painted the living room, and had some paint leftover. She took a large piece of spare dry wall (like everyone has) and painted it to match the living room walls.

The next step was to take a picture of me and Jen to use as the base for our image. I got out my extremely fancy camera and took some test shots. When I downloaded the pictures to do some editing, I realized I did not want to get that involved with editing.

I recently got a new phone, and it has an excellent camera. I put a bean bag on top of my real camera and sat my phone on top. It worked great! We set up some lighting and reflectors (white poster board) and got to work.

The next thing was taking pictures of the kids. Everyone got really into it, and we got a lot of funny faces.

The Result

Once the pictures were taken, it was time for some Photoshop work. We found some stock art that we liked for the card's border, and I started editing and compositing and tweaking the card. After a few hours of work, we had our final card! The gallery below also has some variations we did.

This article was updated on May 1, 2023