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Alaska in Winter

I got to travel to Anchorage, AK for work again, and took some pictures!

Playing in the Leaf Pile

Sometimes my children go outside.  The optimal time for outside is play is when the temperature is hovering around 44°F. Crazy, I know, but they seem to enjoy themselves.

Summer 2019 Picture Dump

I have accumulated photographs of various things this summer.  Perhaps you'd enjoy looking at them?

Nerd Stuff

Updated Qt5 Cross-Compilation with Ansible/Ubuntu

Cross-compiling Qt and Qt-based projects for the Raspberry Pi continues to be an error prone, complicated process.  It's even worse when doing it on CentOS because of the outdated tooling (GCC 4.8?!).  To lower the friction, I updated my cross-compilation Ansible playbooks to work with an Ubuntu 18.04 desktop instead of CentOS.