Pollyanna Christmas 2012 Mayan Baktun Edition

Purchase these items or your love is forfeit!

  • Subscription to "Mental Floss" magazine.  Text her for her new address.
  • Perhaps "Mother Earth News" mag as well.
  • Good coffee grinder
  • Knife sharpener like Scott has
  • One fancy Beta fish in a cool container with pretty stones for the container. And Beta food. last years fish died. :-(
  • pocket pepper spray
  • thin black dress socks, ankle length
  • thin black gloves (stretchy kind is fine) Otherwise, if leather, probably a medium size.

Refer to this list

  • 50 American Dollars (preferred gift)
  • Keurig K-Cups.
  • Season 8 of House.
  • XBox 360 with Kinect.
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