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2018 Pollyanna Christmas

Posted Dec. 2, 2018 by John Woltman

It is time! for! Christmas!

This year the limit is $50.


  • external audio jack (usb on one end, 1 or 2 jacks on the other end) the jack on my computer doesn't work  properly anymore
  • external CD burner/player   ( my burner on my laptop does not burn. Will play, but not burn)
  • skate passes for York Ice Rink
  • Callicuts spices I love their Autumn Harvest, Vanilla Sugar ( but I don't know if they have any available. you'd have to call) and this one that I haven't tried yet :
  • Longwood Gardens Pass
  • Birds and Blooms magazine
  • Coffee warmer - I am tired of cold coffee at my desk.
  • Cross necklance - I don't have a cross necklace anymore. Psalm 139:14 (front) and if it can be engraved on both sides with Psalm 4:8 on back 18" snake chain. I'd like  Script font but Times new roman might show up better. Don't know.
  • Hearts and Minds gift certificate
  • REI gift certificate
  • CD player with installation for my jeep ( I think this costs more than budget though)
  • Gift certificates for places I can't afford to eat and want to try: Left Bank, Tutonis in York Maison in Lancaster, Luca in Lancaster, Mangia Qui in Harrisburg, Greystone Public House in Harrisburg.  
  • Amber earrings


  • She is currently wearing size 18 month clothes, and just about to fit into size 6 shoes.
  • She loves books! We don’t have any ‘girl’ books yet. Board books are great for her.
  • Hazel enjoys snacks - animal crackers, granola bars, pretzels, any kind of cheese cracker, etc.
  • Playdoh
  • Toys with buttons (she likes JH’s toy computer, tablet, and iPhone)
  • She likes turtles.



John Henry



Here's a link to his Amazon wishlist.