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Dev Diary: Introduction and some screenshots

Update December 2013: Drupal is terrible.  We never moved to it, and instead used Django because it is sane and not written in a bad language.

The time has come to move TPI forward.  After trying Eclipse, .NET, Excel, and Access as user interfaces for a data entry system, I have decided to use Drupal.  Why?

Kenya 2010

On July 13th, 2010, Jen and I embarked on a trip to Kenya with Shalom Christian Missions.  I never anticipated how the trip would affect me, or what I would encounter when I got there.

Chinese Domain Name Scammers

The dental company my mom works for, Gold Dental, recently received an email warning them that another company was registering GoldDentalLab as their "Internet Keyword." Internet Keywords are similar to domain names, but lack strict regulation and can cause confusion (ICANN).  There is nothing to be concerned about from these emails, they are simply protection rackets for something that needs no protecting.