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Jen's Hair Removal

Jen's Aunt Linda recently had a brain tumor removed. Along with the tumor, the surgeons gave her a tressectomy, resulting in a field of stubble.  To show love and support, Jen's had her own hair removed (by my own hand, no less!).  She is donating the hair to the Locks of Love children's charity.  I've posted a few pictures for those wanting to see the process of deforestation.

Brooks and Reed LIVE!

Brooks and Reed played their first gig after who knows how long! The show was hosted at the Reader's Cafe in Hanover, PA.

Why I no Longer use Facebook

A couple people have asked me why I deactivated my Facebook account.  I have a few reasons, if you care to read them.


When I was a young boy (and yes, I can remember that far back) I loved to build things out of legos.  I wanted to go to the Legoland Park in Denmark (home of the Lego company) but I couldn't afford the airfare on my $5.00/week allowance.  As an adult my employer paid for my plane ticket to San Diego, California, and I was finally able to visit the American version of Legoland.  Sort of.

TMBG at the TLA (what, again?)

Oh yeah, another showing by my favorite band: They Might Be Giants. This was an all-ages show at the TLA on South Street in Philadelphia. We got there about a half-hour late, but it was still a really good show.

Spanish Missions and Naughty Beaches, oh my!

The week before Thanksgiving we were in Pembroke Pines, FL for work. Pembroke Pines is located near the Fort Lauderdale-Miami area, so on Tuesday we went downtown for some sight-seeing, sushi, and swimming.