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Moving to a new computer

My wonderful wife bought me a new 21.5" iMac for my birthday. It is speedy, slick, and has all sorts of nifty features (hardware virtualization!). But all is not rosy, because while people like to think that setting up an Apple computer is a breeze, it takes awhile to get your environment configured if you're as set in your ways as I am. Here's a quick list of applications I can't live without.

Brooks and Reed

On Sunday, October 18th, I went to Tom Brooks' and Jim Reed's underground musical lair to take photos of the duo singing and playing their guitars. Their producer, Jodee, ran the soundboard and graciously didn't object too strenouosly to being photographed (actually she objected a lot, but I am selectively deaf).  I had a lot of fun during the shoot, and I think I got some nice photos.

Lititz Chocolate Walk

Jen and I partook of the 2009 Lititz Chocolate Walk.  The Walk is a fundraiser, with the proceeds going to local Lititz charities like the children's hospital and the library.

Another Site Update

Recent visitors will notice that I've (once again) changed my site around. I quickly tired of the last design. This new theme is minimal and does exactly what I want. There's less CSS, less PHP, and fewer Drupal templates so I hope that it's faster as well. Enjoy!

Fat John Climbs up Old Rag Mountain

This past Sunday (Sept 6th) my Mom suggested we go to Virginia and hike up Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park.  What could possibly be wrong with getting outside and seeing a little nature?