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Jim's Amazing Bicycle Trip

My friend Jim Tannehill is currently cycling across America.  He's started a blog to share his journey with the world, check it out at  He began his journey in Yorktown, VA, and has made it all the way to Hutchinson, KS.  His final destination is Portland, OR, and I hope he makes it in time for his best friend's wedding. 

Read up on his adventures, but remember to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Scott's 18th Birthday

My brother Scott has turned 18, and now has all the responsibilities of a fully grown American male.  Use your pointing device of choice to click the read more link and see many photographs of his birthday celebration.

Sarah's 30th Birthday

On June 20th, 2009, we gathered in Harrisburg to celebrate Sarah's ongoing journey to the bone orchard.

Welcome to my new site -

Hello everyone, and welcome to my completely revamped website.  There's loads of new changes, so please keep reading this post and find out about everything that's changed!