John Woltman's
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Tapferkeit: The New Minecraft World

Updated with Chest Protection Info

Rules and Notes:

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Try your best to use speak goodly.
  3. No griefing.
  4. Problem players will be perma-banned.
  5. No skybridges.  Try nether portals, subways, or wait until plugins work for teleportation.

Protecting Your Chests:

Minecraft: My Antidrug

Earlier this week, TB bought me a gift pass for a popular indie game called Minecraft. I kind of wish he hadn't, because I can't. stop. playing. it.

It's a Christmas Wish List

As you may know, Christmas is that special time of year when people remember something nebulous, happy, and vague by purchasing expensive gifts for me!  In order to determine how much you love me, I've divided things up for your convenience.

The Tastiest Brain

On November 12th, I aged a year, as I often do.  I don't know what it is about November twelfths that age me so, but Jen was there to cheer me up.  How did she do this?  She combined two of my favorite things - zombies and cupcakes.

Chris falls down a mountain

We had a free day in Washington, so CW and I drove east toward Lake Wenatchee State Park. We hiked up a mountain, and mostly hiked back down again. Pictures were taken and posted here for your amusement.