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Pike Place Market

Last Tuesday we were in Seattle for some work, and we took time to visit Seattle's Pike Place Market - a haven for hippies, bakers, and crab-chucking fishmongers.

Local "Time Machine" backups of remote systems with rsync

The Problem: I need to backup remote websites that have lots of files.  I want to have incremental snapshots, so that I can have multiple backups of the same site without wasting lots of disk space.  In other words, I want Apple's Time Machine for websites.

The Solution: I knew that the familiar rsync program could copy files from a server to my home computer.  So I Googled and came across Michael Jakl's excellent Time Machine for every Unix out there.  I've expanded his script and provided my results here, so that you can use it too.  Read on for more info, and to download the script.

[Updated] Mucking about with email

After messing around with lots of fun configuration, I think my email system is working properly. I'm using a combination of Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL, RoundCube, and OpenLDAP to provide email services for This lets me use a better webmail client than 1and1's craptastic "WebMail 2.0," and I can do do away with quotas because there's so few actual mailboxes.


On October 4th, EB and I flew to Salt Lake City, UT.  We took pictures!

Dev Diary: Introduction and some screenshots

Update December 2013: Drupal is terrible.  We never moved to it, and instead used Django because it is sane and not written in a bad language.

The time has come to move TPI forward.  After trying Eclipse, .NET, Excel, and Access as user interfaces for a data entry system, I have decided to use Drupal.  Why?