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All hail 2006! You can keep it forever

Posted Jan. 6, 2006 by John Woltman

For the end of 2005, KW, AB, JT, and I headed to New York City, home of the rock duo They Might Be Giants. Pictures and video are available.

We got to New York a little before noon, parked the car and took a bus to Times Square. We stopped and got drinks. JT was bullied until he ordered a scotch, so all of us were drinking (lightly). There was a neat international market with some great goodies: Irish Creme Truffles, Happy Hippos (excellent), Pirate Canonballs (YARGH), and soft licorice chews.

Our route was taking us ever closer to Central Park, and we were accompanied by a bitter wind. Once in the park KW demanded an audience with the penguins that she knows are somewhere in the park. Trudging up and down the manicured walkways we eventually gave up. If such penguins exist, they would have been very happy in the Park, for it had started to snow with fat flakes drifting down from the sky. AB had to turn his coat inside out (LEATHER FASHIONS!) and my not-so-waterproof coat was soon soaking wet with melted snow.

We walked back to Times Square, and ate at Shelly's Steak House. The food (steaks, soup, and chicken thing) was excellent. Oh, and the Creme Brulee (KW) and the Baked Alaska (me) was a bit on the good side too.

After dinner we hopped on the metro and returned to the Port Authority, and our bus. We checked into the hotel in North Bergen and chilled awhile, trying to get warm and dry. After a heated round of Celebrity "Hot Or Not" we headed back to the city, and our final destination - Northsix.

Northsix is an unassuming rock club in Brooklyn. A few blocks away from the Bedford Ave L-line stop, its plain exterior was easy to miss, though a kindly officer knew where we were going without us having to ask.

The show was, in a word, awesome. In two words, it was awesome awesome. The band hit the stage at 11:59, and counted down to the New Year with the audience. Everyone was given lyric sheets for "Auld Lang Syne" and everyone sung it together. Dan Miller (guitarist) brought a bottle of champagne onstage and board a few cups (KW and JT both got one).

They played through the Venue Songs set, with Robin Goldwasser (John Flansburgh's wife) narrating. It was a great suprise, and "Anaheim House of Blues" played live is everything I wanted. Flans had some problems with his guitar, and gave JT his guitar cord. When JT tried to hand it back, JF just said "Keep it forever."

The first part of the show lasted almost 2 hours, and then an encore was given. Flans broke 2 or 3 strings on his guitar - they just shot right off, and so the show was finished when the song ended.

The band left, the house lights came on, and KW jumped up on stage to score the set list. I am beyond jealous of this. We bought some loot, and returned to the hotel around 4:00AM.

Happy New Year everyone!