John Woltman's
Bad Grammar & Typo Clearing House

John Henry and the Leaf Pile

John Henry & I raked up a pile of leaves, destroyed it, then raked it up, destroyed it, and so on.  Although he's almost three now, this is his first real autumn because he was too little to really enjoy it last year.

Hawaii 2015

Just like before, sometimes work sends me to terrible places like the tropical island paradise of Hawaii.  And since misery loves company, this time I brought Jen, John Henry, and my mom too!

Instead of staying a hotel, we stayed at a house 50 yards from the beach.  It was a lot cheaper than the hotels in Honolulu, and was in a quiet residential area.  We explored the island of Oahu, aided by my coworker's recommendations, which I turned into a handy map.

The week of 6-22-2015 in Pictures

This week we celebrated jerky and crabs.  By which I mean my brother's and my father's birthdays.  I converted 20 pounds of meat into about 3, and we caught and cooked 45 blue crabs.