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Chicago - Intelec 2004

Posted Jan. 26, 2005 by John Woltman

Wednesday Sept. 22 I arrived in Chicago for Intelec, the annual "telecommunications energy conference." MM from Verizon Wireless, WC, and myself co-authored a paper concerning ohmic test instruments and their ability to determine battery state-of-health.

Wednesday night's banquet was held at Chicago's Field Museum and included an open cocktail bar, and a 4-course meal. The main course, shrimp and, IIRC, small cuts of prime rib, was very tasty. After the banquet we walked back to the hotel along the waterfront.

The presentation, given by MM, seemed to me to be well-received, and was followed by other presentations that generally agreed with our results. MM did a great job presenting, and easily responded to the questions given by the audience.

After our Thursday morning presentation I checked out and WC, JC and I ate at Billy Goat's pub. A large selection of food, if all you want is DOUBLE CHEESBURGER DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER. Fries? NO FRIES - CHIPS! Good cheeseburger though :)

I parted ways with JC and WC and visited the Sears Tower, the 110-story colossus of Chicago. Including the communication antennae it is the tallest building in the world. The Sky Deck, which is open to visitors, is on the 103rd floor. The view is unbelievable, and the pictures I took (camera phone) do not do it justice.