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Posted Dec. 5, 2009 by John Woltman

When I was a young boy (and yes, I can remember that far back) I loved to build things out of legos.  I wanted to go to the Legoland Park in Denmark (home of the Lego company) but I couldn't afford the airfare on my $5.00/week allowance.  As an adult my employer paid for my plane ticket to San Diego, California, and I was finally able to visit the American version of Legoland.  Sort of.

Tickets to Legoland cost a whopping $65!  Way too much for someone who doesn't want to ride any rides - I just wanted to look at all the gigantic Lego sculptures.  Legoland recently added an aquarium (real fish, not plastic block sea creatures) and only charge $19 for entry.  So KK, JP, and I drove to what turned out to be a pretty fun experience.  Check out the photos below!