Pollyanna Christmas 2022

Hello, once again we have Christmas lists!

Platypus earrings. (odd duck sort of thing)

Hebrew 1 workbook

Romans commentary from good ol' RC, Or, the same series, but Galatians

Notebook (s)

Queen Anne's Lace Earrings

Moon Earrings

Gold Choker ( I like them both. You pick. Or not. :-)

LOL for the whimsey in me

There is always time for another puzzle. This:

Editorial Comment: I don't know if you can find one of these on sale, and I am not sure I even want it, but my boss and everyone else says I should….. and maybe I would.


  • Woltman fudge
  • Fitzkee peanut butter marshmallow eggs milk chocolate
  • Amazon gift card
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