Hawai'i - The Fourth, Vernian Day

Today we followed Captain Nemo's footsteps as we voyaged under the sea.

Atlantis Tours

Swimming along, singing a song

In the morning Tom, Jeff, Vivian, and I went to Hau Tree Lanai for breakfast. It had a beautiful view, right on the beach. The food was excellent, much like yesterday's gourmet buffet.

After taking a short nap I met Chris and Karen for a ride on one of Atlantis Tour's submarines. The submarine trip took us through several man-made reefs (sunken planes, ships, and steel and concrete structures).

It was really neat seeing marine life in its natural habitat. Not having to worry about being swept away or clearing my snorkel was just a bonus. We dove to 115 feet, so there were a lot of fish that we couldn't see by snorkeling. Some of the fish even came up to the portholes and appeared to be chatting with us. We saw a few sea turtles as well. The people next to me had a fish identification guide, and I tried to follow along, but I've forgotten what species we saw.