Minecraft Server Info

Server: minecraft.woltman.com
Required Minecraft Version: 1.20.4
To be whitelisted visit our Discord
Minecraft Rules: be nice, no garbage skybridges (have some pride!)
Discord Rules: no foul language, no gross pictures 

Terralith Biomes

Screenshot of Terralith Terrain

NEW for 1.19! This datapack adds awesome new biomes.  More information here.

Warp Lodestones

Watch this video on how to use them. They cost one level of XP to warp.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQAteVi6q5E

Larger Ender Chests

Screenshot of Larger Ender Chests

More Ender Chest storage from this plugin.

My Own Recipes

 These recipes were developed by me for you. They are inspired by some other people's recipe mods, but I promise you that mine are better because I made them.

Screenshot of new recipe
  • Throw quartz, prismarine, nether brick, glowstone, brick, or clay into a stonecutter to get back the original ingredients.
  • Put individual bricks into a blast furnace to melt them back into clay balls. 

This article was updated on January 16, 2024