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The server was recently updated to the "Nether Update" version, 1.16.1.  Read about the new stuff on the wiki.

Server Info


Required Minecraft Version: 1.16.1

To be whitelisted visit our Discord.

Minecraft Rules: be nice; no garbage skybridges (have some pride!)

Discord Rules: no foul language; no gross pictures

Map: See the map!


You can explore for longer and not run out of room!

  • Small - 18 slots
  • Medium - 27 slots
  • Large - 36 slots
  • Extra Large - 54 slots

From this plugin

Larger Ender Chests

Warp Books

Using a warp book lets you exchange XP for teleportation.  It costs 1 XP to travel 32 blocks.


  1. Craft the "Set Warp Point" Book (8 books, 1 eye of ender).
  2. BE CAREFUL: the "Set Warp Point" book will disappear when you use it.
  3. Holding the "Set Warp Point" book, right-click to set the warp point.
  4. The "Set Warp Point" book will disappear and be replaced with the actual Warp Book.

Whenever you want to warp, drop the Warp Point book (default for "drop" is Q).  More info available at the mod's home page.

And for the adventuresome...

A dangerous mystery


  • Sweet Dreams - Only half of the active players have to sleep for night to pass.  Causing some issues, so it's disabled for now.
  • Zombie Leather - Put rotten flesh in a furnace, get leather, just like in real life!
  • Death Note - Get a note with your death coordinates whenever you die.

My Own Recipes!

These recipes were developed by me for you.  They are inspired by some other people's recipe mods, but I promise you that mine are better because I made them.

  • Throw quartz, prismarine, nether brick, glowstone, brick, or clay into a stonecutter to get back the original ingredients.
  • Put individual bricks into a blast furance to recycle them back into clay balls.


This has been disabled because it wasn't reliable enough.

You can make useable bookshelves out of a variety of materials.

Visit the mod's page to learn what materials are compatible.


Bookshelves require a custom resource pack to show up correctly.  The server will offer the pack to you when you connect.

Here is an excellent nether transit map by TV's own Stabby McDamage.  If you want your house or other points of interested added to the nether system please add them to this Google spreadsheet.

Transit Map

More Resources