Movie List

I thought I'd list some movies I've seen and add a few of thoughts. I won't be summarizing plots - I'll leave that up to Wikipedia and IMDB.

Watch date: 7/15/2020

Did I like it: Yes.

Thoughts: this is director Terry Gilliam's latest movie. Gilliam has directed some of my favorite movies, namely Brazil and Twelve Monkeys. Gilliam had been working on Quixote since the 90s, and his original attempts at filming ended in disaster. The movie's themes of passion, and selling out that passion, are brought to life by Adam Driver (Toby/Sancho Panza) and Don Quixote (Jonathan Pryce). I think the movie has a happy ending, but it'll probably take me another viewing of to be sure.

Would I recommend? Yes, especially if you're a fan of Gilliam's other works or enjoy surreal, dreamlike movies.

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