Scott's 18th Birthday

My brother Scott has turned 18, and now has all the responsibilities of a fully grown American male. Use your pointing device of choice to click the read more link and see many photographs of his birthday celebration.

Let me start by saying that going to birthday parties three weekends in a row was a fantastic culinary journal.  Jeff's build-your-own-kebobs, Philip's fried turkey, and now Scott's London broil roasts - such a cornucopia was unexpected but appreciated.  But Scott's party didn't end (or even start) with the broil, it started with steamed blue crabs.  Just as falling leaves herald the coming the winter, the hard shell announces the arrival of summer.  The crabs and beef were followed by a build-your-own-sundae bar, which was a change from Scott's normal chocolate creme cake, but it was just as good (we had non-dairy ice cream for Jen and I).

This article was updated on June 29, 2009