Aquarium & NYC

JH and I visited the aquarium in Camden, and had a pretty good time.  Later that week, WC and I went to NYC for work, and ALSO had a pretty good time.

My Dad got JH (and Jen and me) a year pass to the Adventure (Camden) Aquarium.  JH and I spent a good part of our day there on Saturday.  We saw a lot of sharks.  After going through the shark tunnel, we got on the new shark bridge, which is a rope suspension bridge that crosses over the shark tank.

Later that week, WC and I had to go to NYC and visit some of our customers' sites.  After we were finished we checked out the USS Intrepid Museum.  After decommissioning, the aircraft carrier Intrepid was converted into a floating museum off Pier 86.  We had an awesome guided tour (we were the only ones who signed up!) of the ship, and got to listen to a detailed description of the Battle of Leyte Gulf.  We ate dinner at Sushi of Gari 46, and had some really good fish there.

This article was updated on August 4, 2017