Journey Through the Northern California Redwoods

CW and I were out west this past week, and we got the oppurtunity to drive through the redwood forest along the Avenue of Giants. It was a really beautiful drive. Pictures don't do it justice, but I will try.

On our way to the forest we found a Bigfoot-themed store. The owners have a deep-seated belief in Bigfoot and his commercial viability. Tacky knicknacks line the shelves, while creepy chainsaw carvings stare at you from outside. The larger than life David the Gnome leers down as you hide in his tree stump.

TC put us up at the Myers Inn. Myers, CA is a small town in the middle of the redwood forest. The inn was really homey - a wonderful breakfast in the morning, and comfortable beds at night. The place has a very personal touch; at first we thought we'd wandered into someone's house.

The next day we had to finish driving to Portland, so we got up early and headed out of the woods. But before we were out, I was greeted by a beautiful display of early morning fog and sunlight. The light beamed through the trees, causing an impressive natural light show through the swirling mist. I'd like to return to the forest sometime and explore it thoroughly.

This article was updated on October 1, 2005