Joyce Meyer at Hershey Giant Center

On Thursday, August 6th, Jen and I drove to Hershey, PA for the 2009 Joyce Meyer Conference. Joyce is a Christian inspirational speaker, with plenty to say about living a Christian life.

I think her main message is that as Christians we should be able to enjoy life.  There's no reason to be burdened down by rules, or by people who think that a Christian life is a miserable one.  At the same time, the freedom given by God is not just being free from sin, but also being free from

  • needing to impress people with your piety.
  • the fear of admitting you're wrong.
  • the fear of trying and failing.

The other big point that I took away (from four different sessions) was that we can always get excited about new things that are happening in our lives, or new oppurtunities that God's given us.  But the biggest step in anything new is committing to it.  So often we decide to try something new, or start off in a new direction, but we lack any follow-through, especially when the process turns out to be more difficult than we thought.  It's at that time that you have to "think like God thinks," as Joyce said.Joyce will be returning next year to Hershey Center.  I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about Christian living to attend (the sessions are free; but Hershey Park still charges for parking).  She'll be speaking Thursday through Saturday, August 19-21, 2010.In addition to being an insightful, well-spoken preacher, Joyce is a prolific author.  I thinkBattlefield of the Mind ir?t=johnwolcom-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0446691097|1x1is her best seller. Jen's currently reading it, and once she's finished I'm going to go through it too.  There's also an inspirational podcast (links to iTunes) called "Enjoying Everyday Life."\\

This article was updated on August 15, 2009