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Welcome to the website celebrating the wedding of John and Jennifer Woltman.
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Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my our website! Browse around - we've got pictures from the rehearsal, wedding, and honeymoon available as well as some miscellaneous videos scattered about the place.

Use the links at the top right to move around the main areas, and please, leave a comment!
John's sharing the limelight of his interwebs this time so you can read about our wedding and honeymoon from both points of view. Wherever there's a discrepancy, rest assured that I am in the right, and John is in the left.

Mike Milner said:
I love what you've done with the place. Very imaginative, you two. I, for one, appreciate all this hard work.

Jen said:
I love that slideshow! Thanks John!

Juicebox said:
I heard a rumor you were in New Zealand. Someone lied to me. Hope you're having a good time!

Love, Juicebox

PS: Can you please put John in a kilt???

Jeff Lofgren said:
Scotland, hmmm? You know what they say about Scotland...."if it's not Scottish...it's crap"-SNL. Hope you're enjoying your Honeymoon.

Chris Whitman said:
John, I know this will have many spelling errors that you will bring to my attention when you return, but I just wanted to say I hope you and Jen are having an amazing time. I wish you both the best time anyone could possibly have. Jen I hope you get John in a skirt, and take many pictures.

Love, Chris

PS Don't come home friday to do Branchburg, Saturday will be fine. hehe

John said:
Can you come back and do Branchburg this Friday. JS

Amber said:
Hey, so I think we got everything out of my car except your fan. I can mail it to you when you get back. Hope you are having a great time, and John didn't get sick.

Tony and Amy Townley said:
Congratulations you two! May you have a happy life together. Julie tells me what a wonderful man you've found. John, take care of her and treat her like the princess that she is. Milner we wish the best and hope your marriage is as happy as ours. -Love, Tony, Amy, Madison, and Gavin Townley

Joelleen said:
P.S. The only and one coolest girl you both know is me.

The One and Only Coolest Girl You Both Know said:
Hi, so totally didnt know you were going to Scotland. You lied! I hope you both are having a wonderful time. Your wedding was a great time, you both look great. I hope you are enjoying the beginning days of the next rest of your life together in Scotland. Cant wait to hear all about it when you get back!

little Tater Tot said:
I miss you guys and can't wait to play spiderman with you Unckie johnnie! I love you!

Kimmy said:
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Woltman. I hope you guys are staying dry...if it makes you feel any better, it's raining here too...for like 4 more days!! Ugh Jen, make sure Johnnie wears the Kilt :P and eat lots of haggas....it's a spes-ee-ality of the land! Right-o well don't let me keep you too from getting down and dirty - john you're so not pure anymore!! LOL

Julie said:
Sorry, Jaimi. He didn't lie to me, but he didn't tell me either. Bethany and I noticed a list on Jen's wall that listed places she wanted to go, things she wants, etc. When I told John I had an idea of where they were going, he asked me where I thought. I told him it had something to do with her list. He said that was a good place to start looking and walked away. :) I'm so smart. hehe.

Laura-Ann Cullom said:
Enjoy your honeymoon! It will be a great start to the rest of your lives together!

Lesley (Thomas) Boss said:
Congrats!! Have the most wonderful time in Scotland and enjoy the rest of life together!!

Jaimi said:
Hey, John lied to me and Val! Have a lovely, lovely time!

Julie said:
I'm so smart...figuring out where you might be going. I'm feeling better today. Fever was gone this morning. Hope you two are having a good time!!! Miss ya already. :)

Mike said:
Dang--I'm SOOOO jealous. And what the heck are you doing, checking up on this site while you're in Scotland? LOL

Have fun, Mr. and Mrs. Woltman!!!

Justin said:
Germany is the closest guess ... I win! Haha have a blast over there you two.

Kelly Chronister said:
Congratulations! You made it. Have a wonderful time!!!!

Josiah said:
Gee beasties, what's happened to his head?! Have an excellent time in New Zealand (as mom confided in me ;)

Bob said:
Man I was way off with Tokyo! It was good to see you repugnant. You two look very happy together!!!

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